Wednesday, January 23, 2013

in 3 days

our family will be arriving at one of our favourite destinations....
playa grande, costa rica.
we were there last january with friends and it is so good to be going back again.
we'll get to visit some old friends who frequent the houses and yards we stay at.
and we'll get to experience the beauty of this evening morning, afternoon & evening...........
.......while doing this.
can't wait.
(it's cold here in MB.....get me outta here).
photos editted by:
- jill

Sunday, January 20, 2013

layout peek

just giving you a little glimpse of some of the layouts i have recently created for my crop and cruise album.
it's been so much fun, reliving the memories.
i'll be back soon (this week) to give more explanation of the layouts.
just a little peek now.
- jill

Friday, January 11, 2013

snow & scrap day

I've been procrastinating when it came to starting my Crop and Cruise album.
Don't get me wrong......I've wanted to.  I just didn't know where to start (and, to be honest, I needed a little break after the event itself).
So......I've finally started.
We are having a major storm here in southern MB (school was cancelled today), so it seemed like a great day to spend in my scrap-room.
I started here:

I scrapped the little window on the front of the 12x12 cruise album.  These albums are by Pioneer and they are just the perfect album for this event.  Every cruise participant received one in their tote bags!!!  How lucky were they?  I love the bright coloured hibiscus flowers all over it.
Here's a close up of the window.  I used a vintage postcard that several of us found at the ABC Stores in Waikiki.  They were "the find" of the trip, I think.  I bought several a dozen of them.
Here's one of the first layouts I have created.  I had actually started this layout before the cruise (practicing the alcohol ink/transparency technique on this page for a class I was going to teach).  Today I added a few details, like the cool "bubble" stamps at the top of the layout.  I purchased them in a scrapbook store in Maui called "Island Paperie".  Another great "find".
Here are the photos on the layout.  Love these ones of Christy Riopel & I during an event in Calgary last Spring, when Allison announced her "team" for Hawaii.  Christy & I had a blast doing this photo shoot!
Can you guess what I wrote in the speech bubbles?
(keep scrolling down.......)
I'm sure Allison knew exactly what she was in of the best events E.V.E.R.!!!
More layouts to come.
I created eleven layouts today.
What a great storm day.
I couldn't stop myself.
The addiction is back.......!!
come back soon to see more,