Saturday, June 22, 2013

graduation photo shoot

two weekends ago i spent the saturday taking graduation photos of my niece.  she graduates this coming Sunday. 
she is stunningly beautiful and so incredibly easy to photograph.
her boyfriend was a hoot and such a great sport as it took us 
THREE HOURS with multiple changes of location!!
soph had purchased these 3 giant balloons, so we had fun with some creative photos in a meadow.
they are so funny......with their glasses, a vintage afghan & zach's big shoes.  how cute!  at one point they were chucking grapes up into the air & trying to catch them.  so many giggles.
i have these two vintage chalkboards, so i told them to write anything they wanted about "graduation" on them (but they couldn't show each other until after the photo was taken).  zach had graduated 2 years ago that explains what he wrote on his chalkboard (lol).
soph created a little digital "adventure" album for zach and it was a great prop for these fun photos!!  look how their fingers are linked -- love it.
happy graduation, soph!! 
love you.
keep creating memories,

Monday, June 3, 2013


18 years together today.
found these hiding amongst the hedge today. 
i'm now enjoying them in the kitchen.
love the smell of greenhouses.
need some sunshine to go.
supper tonight. 
ball night.....again.
before & after.
a darker hair colour, fresh cut & new (retro) glasses.
(the new specs are screaming gr. 9 all over again).