Tuesday, February 5, 2013

vacation highlights

There is no doubt that our family loves Costa Rica.  Now....it's not like we've seen the whole country....yet (but we look forward to enjoying that in the future).
There are so many things about this last vacation that hit the top 10 list, but I thought I'd share just a few with you today.
#1 - our view
This is the view from just outside our front door.  We had palm trees for those whole like shade, hammocks for those who love to lounge & read a book, sand for those love to build sandcastles, sun for those who love the heat & waves for those who love to surf & boogie board.  It was the best of ALL worlds.......and we lucked out and rented this one!!!  It truly was paradise.
#2 - surfing
Ron & the kids managed to take surfing lessons this time at playa grande.  They've wanted to for a while, and this time we made the time.  Ron & Daria ended up renting a board for the next four days and surfed everyday during high tide.  It was so much fun walking down to the beach with them and watching them ride the waves.  Definitely a huge highlight for them......and me.
#3 - Swords at Sunset
Just like out of a Magic Treehouse Book, the four younger kids would pull out their magical swords (palm tree leaves) at sunset and "dance" around the deserted beach in front of our house.  It had always cooled off by then (+28, instead of +36 degrees) which made them happy to stay out longer.  And, don't kid yourself, it was a pretty cool setting to play a quick game of pirates.
#4 - family time
No schedules, no structure, no homework, no work (period).
Just time for us.....together, at our favourite place in the world.
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Come back soon to see more.
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- jill

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