Wednesday, May 8, 2013

outdoor colour-lift

my front patio can see the light of day now that the snow has all melted (there's actually still a tiny patch just east of the deck).
on saturday, we hauled out the outdoor area rug, the patio set & the brooms from the shop and dusted everything off.  it's looking better -- and more promising of the summer that is coming -- but i'm still aching for some colour.  it feels so lifeless as i look at these photos.
the talk of adding a simple pergola is still up for debate.
i'm in favour -- and i have a vision -- but there are "some" that don't share the same vision.  this will not be a place to lounge.  that's saved for the back patio.  we have a large dog & several cats who, let's be honest, will make themselves right at home on anything more comfy than a solid chair (these are the facts with living on a farm).
the lilies in the front bed will grow and add some colour, but for now, everything looks pretty blah.

i imagine colour.
something not as playful & bold as below -- but definitely hits of colour that will spruce up the outdoor space.
make me smile.

am i dreaming?
now i'm wishing i would have painted my front door bright yellow........
keep creating (indoors & out),

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