Friday, July 19, 2013

summer adventures // so far

Carter mowed a dirt bike track just west of the yard.
We hired someone to come remove this old shed.......
To make room for this new one.
(finished photos to follow soon)
We reconfigured the play-structure to make some new fun.
Dare was picked up by another ball team and became "the pitcher".
We discovered 4 of these new cuties under the deck.
We've had a few campfires in the backyard, complete with sparkler shows by the kids.
Lots of wonderful, hot days spent in the pool.
Fun times spent family camping, kayaking.........
......and fun, competitive games.
back soon with more summer fun!
- jill

1 comment:

  1. Seeing all this makes me miss you!!!!!! We are heading west for our family camping vacation this year, but it almost makes me want to go the other direction to come play with you guys!!!! Glad to see you are enjoying the summer :)