Friday, September 6, 2013

moving day

I took Daria off to MCI yesterday -- a private, Christian school about 2 hours east of home.  My husband & I both attended this school and lived in residence at a young age of 15, so this is not foreign to us at all.  Our van was packed full of all the great things we purchased earlier in Grand Forks for Daria's dorm room (only half is her's -- the other half is her cousin, Brianna's).
The girls....waving "good-bye" to the farm.
A little glimpse into Daria's dorm room.
She'll be sharing the room with another grade 10 student, whom she just met for the first time yesterday.  Her name is Lily and she & her family are incredibly nice.  I'm sure her & Daria will find out they have a lot in common and they will share their space quite easily.
We spent the afternoon registering Daria for all her classes, signing up for sports & choir auditions, meeting teachers & new friends, etc.  We then went to the res and found out where her room was.  We spent until supper organizing all Daria's stuff -- making her bed, organizing her school uniforms in her closet (guess I should have ironed them...oops!), filling her drawers with clothes, setting up her bathroom stuff, etc.
At the end of the evening, I drove down the road, leaving my "little girl" there........confident she is going to have an amazing year!!
Looking forward to these great changes and the excitement of starting years of travelling to MCI for sports, musical & choir events.  I already found myself connecting with past alumni & teachers yesterday -- very cool.
We are so proud of Daria and what this year will bring for her!
keep creating your own new memories,


  1. I'm kinda sad for you!!! I can't imagine sending my 15 year old away (well ok some days I can!!!!), but glad Daria is starting an adventure and that you are all looking forward to it... while I find comfort in the fact I get another 3 years with mine... but oh it goes so fast!!! Let's chat again soon :)

  2. I haven't read your blog in a while and all of a sudden I am so out of the loop. I can't believe Daria is at MCI. Just looking at those pictures of her room brought back so many memories for me. She is going to have such a great life changing experience there. I hope that she settled in well and that you are doing okay with an empty room in the house during the week. Jill, I'm kinda thinking that you are getting old. lol. just joing :) What is your daughter doing in high school! NUTS! Oh, and Happy Birthday a little early! I hope that this year is just as amazing as the ones that came before it. Carter looks very cool in his first day picture and your little one is totally grown up too. Next thing you know she will be asking to drive your car instead of that mower! Okay, feeling someone reconnected with you! Sending my love to your fam jam!